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Share Price WCF Service allows users the ability to retrieve share prices using the old SOAP RPC method (via BasicHttpBinding), or the REST method (via WebHtpBinding). Share Price data web service, is an xml(soap)/wcf(supports SOAP,REST( supports .NET/NON .NET e.g. iPhone),RSS,JSON and ATOM) web service that provides prices for these market indexes - FTSE100, AIM, EuroStoxx50, IBEX35, CAC40, AEX, DAX, MIBTEL, Dow Jones, Techmark 100, Hang Seng, Strait Times, OMXC20, IPC, IBOVESPA, and ALL ORDINARIES . Most Web Service Clients allow the export of data to xml format.For currency cross rates for free goto

Consuming/Using the WCF Service:

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